Boost Your Website’s Social Media Presence with Drupal 9’s Powerful Modules

Drupal 9 Social Media Modules

Social media is a powerful way to generate traffic that doesn’t rely on search engine results. It can boost website visits and engagement by driving traffic from visitors that would otherwise never visit.

Drupal has some awesome social media modules that make it easy to link with different social platforms. Let’s take a look at them.

Share Buttons

Drupal 9’s social media modules offer a variety of ways to enable sharing across various platforms. One of these is the AddToAny module, which features a universal share button, Facebook (share and like), Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, SMS, and email. These buttons use AddToAny vector icons, which load efficiently, are mathematically precise, and are scalable to any size.

The module’s settings page enables you to customize the display of these icons for different content types and regions. You can also choose which networks appear before the universal share icon, and select a default link attribute.

The “Additional options” section allows you to enter custom JavaScript and CSS to customize the look of your sharing buttons. You can also configure which content entities to show AddToAny on by clicking the Entities button in this section. For example, you can choose to restrict the use of this module to node detail pages. You can also use this field to display your share buttons alongside other content on those pages.

Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons is a Drupal module that offers an easy way to add “Follow us” or similar buttons on your website. It provides a configurable block that displays links (icons) to profiles on popular social networking sites and supports various icon sets of all sizes. It also allows site editors to configure their own social networks in the block via a simple, intuitive Block UI. It is also compatible with Panels, which means that the block can be placed on any article page and will always appear there (provided it has a proper layout).

To create a Drupal social media integration with this module, go to your admin dashboard and click the “add new” button. Select your preferred block type (Basic or Advanced) and enter the information as shown below. You can configure additional options such as icon size, style, and whether or not you want the block to be anchored to the bottom of the page.

Social Media Feeds

Social media is an integral part of a business and it is vital for companies to have their presence on social platforms. This allows them to improve user experience and boost their campaigns. In addition, it also helps in brand awareness and boosts the SEO.

Drupal has numerous modules for integrating social media in your website. It can be used in various ways like to show live feed from your social channels. You can display them using a block on your website or in a widget.

This is a very useful module for Drupal that allows web admins to use AddToAny’s universal sharing buttons. The buttons are vector and SVG based, look great on any background and are scalable to fit high PPI screens. It is also lightweight and fully customizable with settings for button sizes, number of rows, prefix text (follow/share) and more. It works with both Drupal’s blocks and fields. It also supports ad blocking.

Social Sharing

This module lets you add a social media link field to your content types. It is flexible enough to let you share any web page with a wide variety of services, and its config allows you to disable the services that you don’t want to use.

This is a simple, clean and bloat free solution that uses an svg sprite for all icons, making it very lightweight and fast. It is also retina display ready and ajax compatible.

Social media can help your business in many ways, from increasing your search engine ranking to driving traffic that doesn’t rely on organic search. By using the right Drupal social media integration modules, you can make it easier for visitors to promote your content on their own social media channels. ImageX is an expert in custom Drupal development and can ensure your website’s success on social media. Contact us today to get started.

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