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Achieve Your Social Media Yearbook Goals With These Yearbook Ideas

Boosting yearbook sales is an important goal that involves engaging students and parents. Social media is a great way to reach this audience.

Photos and videos drive engagement on Facebook and Twitter. Posts that include images get 150% more retweets and 2.3 times more likes.

3 million support staff professionals keep schools open for students. Honor these unsung heroes with a page dedicated to them.

1. Filters

Teenagers use filters on a daily basis to add flair to their photos, so yearbook committees should make sure to incorporate them. This theme allows students to showcase their unique style, while also highlighting the fun of high school.

This lighthearted theme is a great way to poke fun at the social media apps teens love so much. It’s a simple, easy-to-implement way to encourage engagement with your yearbook online.

Focusing on the heroes teens look up to can be an uplifting and empowering theme. Incorporate photos of teachers, coaches and community members who inspire teens, as well as words from movies or songs that speak to them. This is a great opportunity to get the community invovled, too. This is one of the best ways to build a positive reputation for your school and boost yearbook sales.

2. Pictures within Pictures

Achieve your social media yearbook goals by giving the students a chance to contribute content. Encourage them to take photos of costumes from spirit weeks and other school-related events. This will create a sense of community among the students and allow them to see themselves in the yearbook.

Show these pictures on a projector at your next editorial meeting and ask the staff to discuss why they worked so well. You could even pair students and give them a rubric to evaluate strong designs in order to teach them how to recognize good design.

Students see their teachers every day, but there may be many things they don’t know about them, like the fact that music teachers rock out to Prince songs or that a gym teacher is a professional Muay Thai fighter. Feature these real-life heroes in your yearbook to inspire and uplift your readers.

3. Factoids

The suffix -oid normally indicates something that resembles something, as in humanoid (like Bigfoot or C-3PO) or schizoid (a person with schizophrenia). But Mailer specifically coined the word to mean a statement that looks like a fact but isn’t, similar to bullshit. This sense gained favor in recent decades.

A fun way to use this theme is by incorporating jokes throughout the yearbook, or by having students submit doodle and cartoon art to include in the book. You can also have students submit quotes that emphasize the importance of kindness.

Alternatively, you can use a “factoid” theme to celebrate the beauty that is each student’s individuality. You could feature photos of different aspects of students’ uniqueness, and highlight them in a special section of the yearbook.

4. Trends

Whether it’s an Instagram trend, Twitter hashtag or TikTok trend, using the latest trends can help you achieve your social media yearbook goals. By sharing these trends with your school community, you can generate awareness of the yearbook and keep your audience engaged.

For example, the ’90s yearbook photo trend uses AI to reimagine photos and taps into a sense of nostalgia and playful escapism. Another new yearbook trend, the ‘Motivational Quotes’ feature, allows students to write inspirational messages to their peers and share them on social media with captions featuring both real and invented emojis.

Increasing engagement is an important way to increase reach and drive yearbook sales. Publish posts that encourage responses and create competitions to engage the student body. Having fun, engaging content can also build trust and help your community feel like they are part of the yearbook team.

5. Quizzes and Articles

Students interact with content on social media every day and are likely aware of your school’s Facebook, Instagram or TikTok accounts. These sites can be used to promote your yearbook, highlight its features and inspire readers to buy a copy.

Consider including fun quizzes and articles about topics that are relevant to your audience. These can be used to fill out spreads or can even become the theme of a full page.

For example, an article about confetti and kindness could be used to design an entire page or be featured in the people section. It’s a great way to celebrate the uniqueness of each student and let them show off their creativity! This is one of our favorite ways to add more pages that will be sure to spark interest.

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